Thursday, October 01, 2009

Size 42 sir? Ooooooh! Looks the business, that sir ...

Here, take the weight off your bunions...

Who'd have thought that Andy Barwell, Azalea sort-of-staffer, marketing guru and - according to Pro Shop Europe's former editor, Paul Trow - the most "happening" figure in the UK golf industry right now, would end up in Munich helping European golf retailers and distributors slip into the most comfortable golf shoe on the planet (We did! - Blog ED)

Such is the life of a hard-working golf PR and marketing agent.

Representing Portuguese-based golf shoe brand Lambda, Azalea had its work cut out at Golf Europe this week, with a steady stream of buyers from all over the continent coming on to the stand and getting very excited by the latest entrant to the "classic" golf shoe market.

The Imperia range, featuring national flags on the shoes, caused most heads to turn, with the Bavarians, Bulgarians and Belgians getting particularly excited. And countries whose residents don't begin with the letter B were equally entranced.

Armed also with the BLACKTEE 2010 diary, and the innovative on-course game GolfMission, Azalea barely had time to stop for any light refreshments. Apart from when we did stop for light refreshments. Which we did.

Except being German they weren't light. They were pretty heavy, contained about a litre, and were being enjoyed by several thousand Bavarian revellers singing to the most dreadful music.

Now where did I put my lederhosen...

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