Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sole traders

Every week the two of them go head to head - and every week they both claim top spot.

No not Man Utd and Chelsea; not even Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. That would be at least mildly interesting.

No, this constant battle for top spot is between two golf shoe plastic cleat manufacturers.

Softspikes and Champ go head-to-head again . . .
and again . . . and again

Every week, after the weekend's tournaments are complete the PR machines of the two rival manufacturers go into overdrive hoping that one day, somebody will be minutely interested in what they had to say. And every week, The Wire, bless it, tells us all about it.

I mean, come on, we're all in favour of a bit of positive PR but when do you finally accept you need a new hook for a release . . .?


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  1. perhaps corresponds with a 'spike' in their enquiries?