Monday, August 10, 2009

One knight in heaven. . .

During the course of my working week last week I got to interview Sir Alex Ferguson.

Now, in every interview I've seen SAF give down the years he's always looked as if his blood pressure was going through the roof and he'd rather be somewhere else.

On this occasion, however, he could not have been more relaxed. He started off with a golf joke - we were talking before he teed off in a celebrity golf event - and then spent 25 minutes talking about the prospects for the coming season, for United and their nearest rivals.

Thankfully he also told me about his favourite places to play golf, as that was the reason for me being in on the interview. He spent 25 minutes with us before being dragged off by a PR girl as he was needed to start the event.

I was, therefore, delighted to see a headline this morning on the BBC website which said: "Ferguson fumes at ref after loss". The season proper is still yet to start and normal service has been resumed. Thanks Sir Alex . . .

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