Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going the extra smile

There are two 'Post-People' who deliver regularly to our office: the first, a guy in his mid-50s, walks in says 'Hi!' to whoever's present and puts the post on Sally's desk; the second is a woman in her late-30s who opens the outside door and throws the post on to our doormat without so much as a grunt of acknowledgment.

Once again, when the latter thumped today's post on to the mat, I opined that she was a miserable so-and-so.

I was then taken to task over my comment by my colleague, Lee, who suggested she was doing all that she had to do: deliver post.

"Just because the other guy comes in and says 'hello' doesn't mean she's miserable because she doesn't," he insisted. "It's just like somebody phoning here on a regular basis, speaking normally to me or Henry, and then getting you. Just because you're not so helpful and sound like you can't wait to get off the phone, doesn't make you a miserable git . . . "

Doesn't it? I can see I need to work on my technique.

1 comment:

  1. We know you want to miserable - even think you may be miserable....but your words have made me smile 7000 miles away and for that you can have an hour of extra sulking. Le Grand Fromage