Monday, July 06, 2009

Photographers, photographers, photographers...

For years now Colin Montgomerie has been Europe's Ryder Cup talisman. Let's hope Ian Poulter can take on that mantle, for he sure seems determined to take over Monty's status as the grumpiest man in golf.

OK, an inexperienced snapper took pictures in his downswing; we accept that's off-putting. OK he shouldn't have done it; but for heaven's sake get over it. His post-final round interview was cringeworthy.

Poulter could do worse than to look at his contemporaries in tennis - there the world's top players are constantly being photographed but they are so focussed it makes no difference to them.

They are also gracious in defeat despite being clearly upset - or at least Andy Roddick is.

In his post-Wimbledon final interview he admitted how disappointed he was and how strong his opponent, Roger Federer, had been. He didn't complain about the surface, the photographers, the crowd interruptions - which are starting to become unacceptable - or the quality of the Robinson's Barley Water.

He gave his best, came second and took it on the chin. Ian Poulter take note.

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