Thursday, March 25, 2010

For delivery or collection

Tucked in among the post this morning were three envelopes marked for ‘The Pizza Connoisseur’ Tha Azalea Group, etc, etc.

Not surprisingly they landed on my desk. I can’t argue for, in the past, I have been known to order a delivery pizza for my lunch when I have been feeling extremely stressed.

What was more surprising, however, was that each of the envelopes – which all carried a second-class stamp – contained an identical Papa John’s menu.

Three of them. On the same day.

Papa John’s menus are the commonest form of junk mail in Petersfield. On average each household receives 1.4 metric tonnes of Papa John’s menus per annum. To counteract this, the local council has upped its recycling collection while allowing Domino’s Pizza to open nearby and set about doubling the tally.

But previously, they were just shoved through the letterbox by kids who were already delivering free papers – thus there was an automatic QA traceable route from letterbox straight top recycling bin.

But now they’re posting them to us, three at a time, teasingly addressed to the Pizza Connoisseur. It’s a subtle marketing ploy. And it may just work.

Ooooh!! Buy one get one free… Mmmmm!

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