Friday, September 04, 2009

Train of thought

It's been fascinating - and heartwarming - this week to watch the story unfold of the Holocaust evacuees who have retraced their steps on a steam train from Prague to London.

We live in such a pampered and largely danger-free generation that it is often very difficult for us to envisage what life was like before the advent of microwave ovens, X-boxes, cars with airbags, and the defeat of the Nazi hordes trampling all over free Europe.

Congratulations to those TV companies who have given such extensive coverage to a genuine human interest story. And brickbats to those who still feel Katie Price's love life is more important.

What's interesting to note is what hasn't changed in 70 years. It's taken four days to get from Prague to London . . . so it's just like travelling on Virgin Trains!

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