Friday, July 17, 2009

Eddie's a Shore loser

The lack of comments on this blog does not concern me. I'm old enough and ugly enough to realise that if you really want to stir up the proverbial hornets' nest you need to poke it with a big stick.

I've not done any poking yet. I'm not sure I necessarily want to be controversial just for the sake of it. I leave that to my newspaper columns.

But some bloggers rejoice in riling people. Take American Eddie Shore as an example. He's decided to lay into the Open Championship, presumably because it's not the 'throwing darts' version of the game with which he's familiar.

He claims:

  • It's not real golf
  • The Scots invented the game, but the Yanks "perfected it"
  • It's not a proper major
  • US greenkeepers get paid to "grow grass, not kill it"
  • The Open is always played "in the middle of an abandoned WWII airfield"
  • And it starts at 3am his local time
Yes, obviously the man's a plonker. Check him out for yourself at

He knows he's going to get abuse, but at least people are acknowledging his existence. I think I'm going to go away and pen a piece about how US baseball's FA Cup is called the World Series when 90 per cent of the world don't play the sport.

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