Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The First Thunderbug of Summer

Azalea Towers is on a farm. It's a delightful environment, with views across the South Downs.
However, it doesn't have air conditioning and at the moment that's a big issue. As the temperature soars to a level which could make Bowers' botox bubble there is an increasing demand for fresh air to be circulating.

There would be no debate over this were it not for Lee Todd, a man originally considered lost in a plane crash but subsequently raised by lizards in a desert environment.

Such an upbringing has left him impervious to heat - he's been known to wear thermal underwear in a sauna. But he claims he does feel the cold, even when the wind has as much life as Peter Viggers' political career and the mercury is pleading to be allowed to climb out of the top of the thermometer.

If he's in a good mood he'll allow one window to be opened just wide enough to squeeze a credit card through on its edge - and half-an-hour later, he'll don his coat just to make us all feel guilty.

Should he open both windows by his desk - an occurence as rare as Manchester City not being linked with a world-class striker - he'll start to complain that thunderbugs are invading his monitor.

At that moment, we know summer is truly upon us...

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